Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Double-banded Argus...

Unmistakable large pheasant. Male (120 cm) has enormously elongated secondary feathers and central tail feathers. The wing feathers are boldly decorated with large eye-spots. Plumage generally rusty brown with intricate buff and black spots and patterns; underparts darker rufous. Female (60 cm) has shorter tail and wing feathers, is darker rufous, and lacks the male's eye-spots. Both sexes have blue bare skin of head and neck and a short dark crest. Males clear dancing rings on the forest floor, removing all leaves, seedlings, and stones. They call from these dancing grounds in the morning, and give a visual display to visiting females by raising and fanning the tail and wings, somewhat like the display of a peacock. Birds roost in trees at night, and sometimes rest in and even call from trees in the day.

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